About Us


Est. in 2015, Super Life Nutrition was born as a branch off a larger Vitamin manufacturer that has been in the industry for the last 40 years. Like our parent company, our brand is committed to providing the highest quality and most up-to-date and complete Vitamin Formulas you can possibly find. Our unique Vitamin Formulas are scientifically formulated using a full spectrum of nutrients that work synergistically with each other, the end result being a very powerful and effective product that really works.


Most vitamin products are manufactured to maximize profits of the manufacturer, distributor and retailer. In order for them to do this, and keep the retail price low, they have no choice but to leave out all the expensive ingredients and cut the potency to almost nothing, thus leaving consumers with a nutritionally inferior product that doesn’t work. On the other hand, some companies will take an inferior product and charge a high price, so the consumer’s perception is that it must be good because it’s expensive. The marketing strategy of these companies is to sell their products to uninformed consumers who have little, if any, knowledge about the quality or potency of vitamins and how they work. Likewise, other companies make their vitamins look appealing by listing dozens of popular nutrients on their label, hidden behind “proprietary blends”, but the potency of each nutrient is so miniscule, it wouldn’t have any effect on your body.

We offer six premium daily Vitamin Packet Formulas to choose from, each catering to individual needs and lifestyles. Each formula contains a complete Vitamin and Mineral profile, along with Antioxidants, Trace Minerals and dozens of other essential nutrients that are important for optimal health. Our Vitamin Packet Formulas contain between 137-221 active nutrients, in addition to standardized herbal extracts that are up to 20X stronger than straight herbal powders. You simply cannot get the potency of our products in a single “one-a-day” tablet or drink.

Every nutrient in our formulas was put there for a reason. Our products contain no sugars or preservatives and more importantly, our labels reflect exactly what you’re putting into your body and how much. Our convenient Daily Packets take all the guesswork out of taking Vitamins and ensure you of getting an extremely safe, highly effective, nutritionally balanced, Premium Dietary Supplement.


Our products are all manufactured and packaged in the United States in one of several FDA registered cGMP compliant facilities. We follow detailed written Standard Operating Procedures and material specifications to ensure consistency and safety in every aspect of our manufacturing and packaging process. Every raw material ingredient that makes up a tablet or capsule, is lab tested for identification, authenticity and potency, in addition to microbiological bacteria and heavy metals. When a batch of raw materials is mixed and made into a tablet or capsule, we verify the purity and potency of the finished product all over again to make sure nothing was contaminated throughout the manufacturing process. From the moment we receive a raw material to final product packaging, quality assurance is our focus.

As an emerging entrant into the sports nutrition industry, we’re confident that you’ll find our daily packet Vitamin Formulas to be the most effective vitamins you’ve ever used. We hope our products can be the start of your journey as you endeavor to create and sustain a healthy life!